Persepsi sumber motivasi kerja dan kualitas pelayanan penyuluh pertanian di kabupaten rokan hulu propinsi riau

Jaharuddin, . (2005) Persepsi sumber motivasi kerja dan kualitas pelayanan penyuluh pertanian di kabupaten rokan hulu propinsi riau. Masters thesis, Institut Pertanian Bogor.

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This study are purposed to: (1) analyze the perception of working motivation source, (2) analyze of intrinsic factor correlation with extrinsic factor, (3) analyze service quality and farmer satisfaction level, and (4) formulate the managerial implication. The method applied in this study is a case study which then analyzed descriptively. The data used in this study are both primary and secondary data as well, which are obtained through distributing questionnaire, interview and documentation. This study is focused on two main factors, namely working motivation and service quality. Concerning working motivation, the respondents are agricultural extension workers, which are taken purposely with 24 respondents. And to evaluate the service quality on agricultural extension, the respondents are farmers who are taken through Cluster Sampling method, numbering 72 respondents. And processing data for working motivation factor are performed by Likert Scale, Scale Range, Spearman Rank Test. And for service quality factor, the data processed by Likert Scale, Spearman Rank Test, and Service Quality Method by Mann Whitney Test. The results show that working motivation of agricultural extension workers, based on the following factors: (1) intrinsic factor, such as working achievement, appreciation, responsibility, and self-improvement. The points are having accepted response; while for acknowledgement is having uncertain response. (2) For extrinsic factor, such as relationship with working partners, supervision, safety, and relationship with higher management, are having accepted response; while for salary, working condition, and administrative policy are having uncertain response. In this regard, both intrinsic and extrinsic factors have a close relationship with working motivation of the agricultural extension workers. Moreover, the study results on service quality, based on quality dimension indicators, such as reliability, reactibility or perceptivebility, conviction, empathy, and existence, have not showed a primary service yet. In this case, such quality dimensions have also a close relationship with service quality itself. Based on the study results, then, it can be concluded that working achievement, appreciation, responsibility, self-improvement, relationship with working partners, supervision, safety, and relationship with upper managements have increased working motivation. While acknowledgement, salary, working condition, administrative policy have not accelerated working motivation. And service quality, based on the quality dimensions, has not showed primary quality either.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Additional Information: 23(30)Jah p
Uncontrolled Keywords: Kualitas pelayanan, Mann-Whitney, Motivasi Kerja, Rank Spearman, Penyuluh Pertanian.
Subjects: Manajemen Sumber Daya Manusia
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Date Deposited: 11 Nov 2016 07:29
Last Modified: 11 Nov 2016 07:29

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