Transformasi Model Bisnis Gondorukem Perum Perhutani Divisi Regional Jawa Tengah

Astuti, Ulfa Tri (2020) Transformasi Model Bisnis Gondorukem Perum Perhutani Divisi Regional Jawa Tengah. Masters thesis, IPB University.

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The decrease of Perum Perhutani’s gondorukem product export performance due to the global economic condition forces the firm to arrange strategic initiative to improve the competitiveness of its product. Other than the global economic condition, the business rivalry among gondorukem producing countries also becomes a challenge for Perum Perhutani. It is indicated by gondorukem expansion from Brazil to China, Japan, and other countries with relatively lower prices. In addition to, the absence regulation system and government policy regarding technical rules on utilization of pine forest non-wood products as the main material of gondorukem makes Perum Perhutani Central Java be in a condition that needs a clear and detailed business model and strategy to maintain its competitiveness in the market. The aim of this research are: 1) to analyze the gondorukem business model that is currently implemented in Perum Perhutani Central Java; 2) to analyze factors that are considered to be strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of Perum Perhutani Central Java business development; 3) to improve the business model by formulating an alternative strategy that can be done by Perum Perhutani Central Java in the development of gondorukem business through Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) approach. Based on the results of the study, Perum Perhutani Central Java has several constraints in implementing its current business model. The result of SWOT analysis on each element of BMC showed that there are internal and external factors that become the firm’s strengths and weaknesses in implementing its business model. Perum Perhutani needs to improve nine business model elements in the future. The new business model recommendation (BMC Frame 2) is formulated with a new value proposition by targeting a new customer segment to increase the new revenue stream to Perum Perhutani. This study can be considered as materials on deciding alternative strategies of the firm’s business model planning. The new business model recommendation was formulated with new value prepositions, they are; creates gondorukem derivatives products that includes gliserol rostin ester, alpha pinene, betha pinene, limonene, cineol, dan alpha terpineol; and creates the new product from the processing of gondorukem production waste that is biopellet. Managerial implication of the results of the study recommends nine important points that need to be implemented to assure.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: analisis SWOT, biopelet, BMC, BOS, manajemen strategik, Blue Ocean Strategy biopellet, BMC, BOS, strategic management, SWOT analysis
Subjects: Manajemen Strategi
Depositing User: SB-IPB Library
Date Deposited: 25 Jan 2022 05:52
Last Modified: 25 Jan 2022 05:52

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