Analisis risiko bisnis jasa pelatihan di PT. mutiara mutu katiga

Sofi, Bovi Mutiara (2020) Analisis risiko bisnis jasa pelatihan di PT. mutiara mutu katiga. Masters thesis, IPB University.

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Training is one of the ways to solve human resources problems in Indonesia because it can increase the skills and the chances of getting a job. There are many trainings organised by the government and private sector. And again, that’s propels business opportunities in training services in various fields. The one of the business training services was rapidly growth is the business of occupational safety and health training services. PT. MMK is a occupational health and safety service company have established 2016 until now. PT. MMK is facing risks in its business activities. Risks facing of the company were failure of implementation of training because of unreached quota of participants, customer complaints, safety of participants from the things that are not desirable during the training, delayed in training equipment and damaging of goods that exist during the training. There are various problems and potential risks faced, because that PT. MMK need a research of business risk management. The main objectives are to identify and classify the risks, to analyze the level of risk and to provide risk mitigation advice that needed by PT. MMK. The types of data were primary and secondary data. The primary data re collected through observations, interviews and questionnaires. The purposive sampling is using with 5 internal respondents and 3 external respondents. The methods of analyzed are using Cochran analysis and Godfrey risk map. Based on operational, financial, logistic and HRD divisions, there are 30 internal risks and 8 external risks. The low level of risk is low employee discipline, floods, earthquakes and fires. There are 14 medium risk level, including delay in ordering training equipment, delay in delivery of goods, dependence on one supplier, damage to training support equipment, lack of human resource competence, changes in organizational structure, limited own capital, no service quality standards, no SOP, increased advertising costs, failure to update marketing methods, lack of competent teaching staff, increased complaints, changes in customer preferences. There are 19 high risk level including increase in the price of training equipment, inappropriate stock taking, loss of training support equipment, limited human resources, errors due to human factors, delay in reporting time, high cash flow, ineffective cash flow checking system, incorrect selling price decisions, over cost from the initial cost plan, weak internal company controls, mismatching training schedules and locations, ineffective advertising, dependence on marketing methods, limited market reach, high selling price competition, regulatory changes, uncompetitive selling prices, high competitor growth. The extreme level of risk is dependent on the number of participant. Based on the level of risk acceptance, there are 4 risks with unacceptable acceptance levels, 16 risks with undesirable classification risk acceptance levels, 8 risks with acceptable classification risk acceptance levels and 10 risks with negligible classification risk acceptance levels. Mitigation required by PT. MMK when viewed from the 4 highest risks is not to conduct training with little interest, recruiting freelancers for each training event by providing written standard operating procedure that must be obeyed, conducting budgeting in more detail and expanding market share.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Subjects: Manajemen Sumber Daya Manusia
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Date Deposited: 25 Jan 2022 05:59
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