Pengaruh perceived behavioral control, motivasi dan gaya hidup terhadap perilaku konsumsi kopi di era pandemi covid-19

Adiwinata, Novie Nostalgia (2021) Pengaruh perceived behavioral control, motivasi dan gaya hidup terhadap perilaku konsumsi kopi di era pandemi covid-19. Masters thesis, IPB University.

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Currently, people's lifestyle in consuming coffee is that they tend to consume coffee from coffee shops compared to making their own coffee at home. However, in early 2020, Indonesia was designated as one of the countries affected by the Covid-19 pandemic originating from Wuhan. The existence of a pandemic has caused people's purchasing power to decline. Consumers tend to prioritize basic needs that can support their life. The spread of Covid-19, which tends to increase, also affects consumers' psychology in determining the consumption of food and drinks that are considered safe during this pandemic, including coffee consumption. There are four latent variables used in this study, namely motivation, lifestyle, perceived behavioral control and consumption behavior. The sampling technique used in this research is voluntary sampling based on a willingness to participate in the research. Consumers who are respondents in this study are limited to consumers who have purchased coffee beverage products in locations throughout Indonesia for at least once in the last six months starting from March 2020 when Indonesia was declared one of the countries affected by the Covid-19 virus. In this study, the required number of respondents is a minimum of 120 people. The number of respondents obtained in this study were 200 respondents who had met the screening of all respondents. Data processing and analysis techniques in this study consisted of quantitative data research. The data obtained were processed using Microsoft Excel 2013 by creating a frequency table to see the respondent's initial data on each variable individually. Furthermore, the initial data was processed with SPSS 22 to test the validity and reliability of the questionnaire. The use of SEM PLS is used to see the relationship between variables and indicators in the study. The results showed that consumer behavior in consuming coffee drinks during the pandemic was that consumers remained loyal to their respective brand preferences because the taste of each coffee was different. Consumers often buy coffee drink products with friends or closest people who have similar tastes of coffee. Coffee drink products that are preferred by consumers are ready-to-eat coffee from coffee shops. The variables of motivation and lifestyle have a significant positive effect on the consumption behavior variable, while the variable perceived behavioral control has no significant effect on the consumption behavior variable. The managerial implications that can be applied to the coffee beverage industry in managing marketing activities during the Covid-19 pandemic are grouped based on motivation and lifestyle variables, namely coffee drink product producers are advised to be able to implement the latest innovations in coffee beverage products and follow the latest trends but still maintain quality and increase promotion so that products seem familiar in the minds of consumers.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: bauran pemasaran, citra merek, inovasi, jasa, keputusan penggunaan, Structural Equation Modelling, SEM brand image, decision to use, innovation, marketing mix, services coffee, consumption behaviour, life style, motivation, perceived behaviour control
Subjects: Manajemen Pemasaran
Depositing User: SB-IPB Library
Date Deposited: 07 Feb 2022 06:37
Last Modified: 12 Mar 2022 03:22

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