Analisis kepuasan nasabah terhadap pelayanan frontliner Bank X Kantor cabang Khusus Sudirman

Vidyandari, Andani Fauzita (2020) Analisis kepuasan nasabah terhadap pelayanan frontliner Bank X Kantor cabang Khusus Sudirman. Masters thesis, IPB University.

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Customer satisfaction is the key to the success of a service company, especially in the banking industry which is increasingly fierce competition. Excellent service will increase customer loyalty and ensure the survival of a bank. Bank X is a state-owned business bank (SOE) with a large number of customers on a national scale but there is one problem faced by Bank X namely customer switching, a phenomenon where customers move MFI (Main Financial Institution) to a competitor bank. Some of the factors that cause this phenomenon are the lack of fast service due to inadequate numbers of human resources, systems that are often problematic such as server down or offline ATMs, limited ATM machines or cash deposit machines compared to other banks, and services that are less responsive and accurate, so the transaction duration per customer takes too much time, causing queues that are too long. In addition, the transfer of MFI from Bank X savings customers is also influenced from the touchpoint side, or every moment a customer makes contact with the Bank X brand, including the use of ATMs, branch offices, savings products, marketing and promotions, interactions with staff and others. The highest touchpoints are held by ATMs and then branch offices, so it can be concluded that the greatest effect in terms of MFI transfer is in terms of ATM network and location, as well as service and work unit locations. As one of the highest touchpoint holders of a bank, frontliner staff are required to have the ability to serve and assist customers according to customer expectations. This condition is crucial in helping customer satisfaction, where satisfaction is a comparison between perceived product performance versus customer expectations. The purpose of this study is to (1) to find out the quality of Bank X frontline staff services for Sudirman special branch offices, (2) to find out which parts of service should be prioritized for further improvement according to customers, and (3) to suggest strategies that can be applied in management for perfecting the company's competitiveness. This type of research is a descriptive study using a questionnaire survey. Source of data used are primary data obtained from questionnaires, and secondary data in the form of articles related to research or those from the companies under study. Based fromthe five-dimensional theory of service quality Servqual, the gap analysis method and the importance-performance analysis (IPA) method are used. The result of the Servqual gap analysis shows that customer expectations are higher than customers' perceptions of Bank X frontliner service at Sudirman special branch office with the reliability dimension has the highest negative gap value, but this does not mean that Bank X frontliner services are of low quality. From the results of IPA analysis, the distribution of service attributes in the Cartesian diagram is centered in quadrant B (Maintain) and Quadrant C (Low Priority), with only one attribute located in Quadrant A (Underact) and one attribute in Quadrant D (Overact). This shows that customers feel that there is no need for many improvements done to Bank X frontliner services at Sudirman special branch office because most service attributes already have good performance or are equivalent to the level of importance according to customers. In addition, from the answers of respondents who chose Bank X as their main bank instead of its competitors, customers generally already had high opinion of Bank X. Characteristics of the respondents who were mostly employed as private workers, with the most recent education as undergraduate, and earn more than five million rupiah certainly has high aspirations and demands so that their expectations of frontliner services at Bank X Sudirman branch offices are also greater. For service attribute that needs to be improved, there is only one attribute that needs to be addressed according to the customer, namely the speed of staff in serving. Since most customers visit the Sudirman special branch office very often to make transactions (once a month), speed of service is crucial in ensuring a positive transaction experience at Bank X Sudirman special branch office.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: diagram kartesius, frontliner, importance-performance analysis, kepuasan nasabah, kualitas pelayanan, Servqual cartesius diagram, frontliner, importance performance analysis (IPA), customer satisfaction, service quality, servqual
Subjects: Manajemen Strategi
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Date Deposited: 19 Apr 2022 01:38
Last Modified: 19 Apr 2022 01:38

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