Pengaruh kualitas layanan petugas agen BRILink (PAB) terhadap loyalitas agen BRILink

Marpaung, Jenny Emile Paulina (2021) Pengaruh kualitas layanan petugas agen BRILink (PAB) terhadap loyalitas agen BRILink. Masters thesis, IPB University.

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In 2012 the Government and Bank Indonesia launched Branchless Banking or banking services without relying on branch offices but using technology to serve banking customers in all corners of the country. In order to support the government's program in the LAKU PANDAI program (Branchless Financial Services for Inclusive Finance), BRI participated by launching a product called BRILink in 2015. BRILink is an extension of BRI in expanding BRI's banking services with the concept of Branchless Banking. The BRILink service is carried out in collaboration with BRI customers who become BRI Agents called BRILink Agents by using the BRI mini ATM EDC feature media (EDC BRILink) or by using a Smart Phone at least OS 4.4 (BRILink Mobile). BRILink services can reach people in various remote areas to get real time online banking services without having to come to the BRI work unit and queue at the Teller. Through the BRILink agent, the public can make transfer transactions, cash withdrawals, cash deposits, payment of various bills such as PLN, telephone, PDAM, BPJS, vehicle loan installment payments and several other banking services. As for BRILink agents, they will get additional income in the form of fees and have the potential to increase customer segments due to the presence of the community at the agent outlets. The benefit of this service is the concept of sharing fee (50:50 composition) between BRI and BRILink agents. Another advantage for BRI is in the form of network expansion, saving operational costs because it does not have to open branches, generating fee-based income, increasing CASA and potentially for cross selling products. To supervise BRILink services directly in the field, BRI assigns employees called BRILink Agent Officers (PAB) who are responsible for monitoring, coaching and evaluating BRILink Agent activities with Key Performance Indicators achieving a minimum BRILink Agent sales volume of 200 transactions per month. In addition, PAB is also responsible for maintaining and handling first-level maintenance of the supporting infrastructure for BRILink Agents so that they are always available, can be used properly and meet display standards. In fact, the performance of BRILink Agents managed by BRI Offices in the Jakarta 3 area is still not optimal, because there are still many BRILink Agents which monthly BRILink transactions are still below the standard or have not reached 200 transactions per month. The low BRILink Agent transactions illustrates that PAB has not been able to carry out their duties and responsibilities optimally in achieving the sales volume target of BRILink transactions. Therefore, immediate action is needed to find out what factors are dominantly influencing the low performance of the BRLink Agent and to what extent the PAB can serve their needs. The quality of PAB services that are less than optimal in serving BRILink Agents will have an impact on the satisfaction and trust of BRILink Agents towards BRI and this of course will affect the loyalty of BRILink Agents. This is a threat that must be addressed immediately. In this regard, this study aims to analyze the quality of PAB services and PAB's ability to handle various complaints from BRILink agents. The ability of the PAB will be analyzed how much influence it has on the level of satisfaction, trust and loyalty of the BRILink Agent, in order to achieve the BRILink Agent transaction volume target. This study used a questionnaire with a five-point Likert scale. Questionnaires were submitted to 300 respondents, namely BRILink agents who were used as samples, which were located in West Jakarta, Banten and West Kalimantan. The respondent's requirement is a BRILink Agent who has been a BRI Agent for a minimum of 6 months and the number of transactions is under 200 transactions per month. Questionnaires were distributed by BRI employees, namely the Resident Auditor Unit (RAU) in the local area. There are 274 questionnaires that have been returned and have been completely filled out. The data analysis technique uses the Structural Equation Model (SEM) method and uses Lisrel 8.72 software to analyze the casual relationship between service quality, satisfaction, trust and loyalty of BRILink agents, and to evaluate hypotheses regarding the relationship between model construction. The results of this study indicate that all Service Quality indicators have a significant effect on BRIink Agent Satisfaction, BRILink Agent Satisfaction has a significant effect on BRILink Agent Trust and Loyalty. What greatly affects the satisfaction, trust and loyalty of BRILink Agents is the frequency of PAB visits to BRILink Agents, PAB's ability to motivate BRILink Agents, and BRI must improve the quality of the system and network.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Kepercayaan, Kepuasan, Kualitas Layanan, Loyalitas, Target, SEM, LISREL, Loyalty, Satisfaction, Service Quality, Target, Trust.
Subjects: Manajemen Pemasaran
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Date Deposited: 16 Nov 2022 03:54
Last Modified: 16 Nov 2022 03:54

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